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Club Name: Cyber House

Club Theme: Cyber Security

Membership Criteria/ Pre-requisites:

1. Students should have the basic idea about computer. Example- MS Power point, Windows, Hardware etc.

2. Students who are passionate to know the latest trends in the IT Field and enjoy working with computer.

3. Students should have their own Camera, Tripod, Laptop, Travel charger and 4G mobile, if he or she is interested to join in Live Streaming activity (which is  part of IT Club).

Objectives of the IT Club:

 1. To keep abreast the students with latest skills in IT apart from the regular IT syllabus, and give them practical hands on experience.

2. To bring out the best in students & enhance their logical and creative ability.

3. To encourage peer learning among the students.

4. To make them aware of the various career opportunities in the IT industry and related job profiles.

Activities planned and conducted in 2019-2020

1. Observed World Computer Security Day Read More

2. Activity based on MS Paint for  the students of classes V and VI.

3. Activity based on power point presentation for the students of classes VII and VIII