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Indian School Salalah celebrated the “World Computer Security day “, on the 18th of December. In the school Auditorium .Principal, Mr. Deepak Patankar, AVP Mrs. Ananthalakshmi, Primary Incharge Mrs. Anita Rose, HOD Computer Science Mr. Shivithlal and the entire faculty team of Computer Science, were present at the venue.

The programme commenced with a welcome address by Miss. Sirjan of class X B. Mr. Shivithlal HOD Computer Science briefed the audience about the introduction of IT club in Indian School Salalah, history of IT club, world computer security day, importance of online security and privacy, cited various contributions of the IT Club towards growth of the institution. He concluded his speech with tips for a safe and secured internet experience. 

Various topics presented, by the students added interest and fun to the programme. Mast. Jeswin  9F , came up  with a presentation on trending topic “Artificial Intelligence .  Mast. Mubashir 10 B, presented a puzzle where a hidden image was present and also he showed how to release the encryption and find the hidden image, this left the audience surprised and excited. Mast. Senthil 10B, prepared tic tac toe , our very own childhood favourite game, which he made using python ,this was a rare moment where technology brought out  the child in us through gaming . “Fetch the IP address (Location / Device ) “ was the topic of presentation by Mast .Sanatan 11A  , it’s a great revolutionary concept when it comes to tracing a particular device or its location . Then Mast Ajem made us aware of various facts and figures about internet security by his lively presentation on the topic “Internet security”.

To break the sequence of presentations IT Dept faculty Mr. Mohammed Javed kept on popping quiz questions for the audience. Principal and HOD of Computer Science distributed prizes for every right answer to the quiz questions. Mast. Savio 9F & Mast.Jeswin 9F , developed  and presented a chasing game with the help of Gdevelop. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Miss. Ananya of 10B.