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Bird watching club adds outdoor time to the school day so that youth can explore their environment and reap the many benefits that come from spending time outside.Through bird clubs, we invite you to introduce students to birds and spark their curiosity about the natural world, help them discover a passion for science investigation, or start a hobby they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Bird watching club is committed to educating and developing good all-round birding skills in young, aspiring birders. We believe the young birders will discover new skills and enhance their talents, benefitting our entire community.

This hobby ensures strong evidence reinforcing the emotional, developmental, and educational value of contact with nature, and a  great way to encourage outdoor pursuits. Bird watching club helps to increase awareness and appreciation of natural world and install a conservation ethic in their members. Club activities do build important life-skills such as peer mentoring, leadership, communication and more.

Volunteers of class IX are involved in this club for the academic year 2018-2019.

The club activities include:

  • Improving the schoolyard habitat
  • Understanding bird biology
  • Practicing birding and seeing as many birds as possible
  • Field trips (Indoor and Outdoor)

Outcomes of the bird watching club activities:

  • Excercising observation skills
  • Increased ability to focus on tasks
  • Provides relaxation and stress relief opportunities
  • Positive peer socialization activities
  • Reinforcing various academic concepts

The main aim is to guide our children in exploring nature.

The club was INAUGURATED BY Mr. MATHEW ABRAHAM (Educational Advisor, Board of Directors for Indian Schools in Oman) IN MARCH 2010.

 Mr. Abraham addressed the students of the club by giving a power point presentation and briefed them on bird watching.

First observation was on April 8th 2010.
The students of class IX of the school gathered in the campus very early in the morning .Students were ready with their cameras and binoculars .They were able to observe many types of birds like parrot, collared dove, rock pigeons, eagle using binoculars. They also saw weaver birds in action and took photographs of these beautiful creatures without disturbing them.