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30 / Jun / 2020

Accepting the New Normal: Counselling sessions for Grade IX to XII


The world currently is going through an unprecedented turmoil and anxiety, owing to the present scenarios of COVID pandemic. This pandemic has adversely affected each and every human being in every aspect of his life.

Our children are most susceptible to be affected by this pandemic and it is the responsibility of the parents, teachers and mental health professionals to guide them to overcome this challenge.

We at Care & Special Education,( Ms. Smitha, Ms.Neha & Ms.Tahseen) Indian School Salalah under the guidance of our Principal,  have taken upon ourselves to address this situation by conducting interactive sessions with students of Grade IX through Grade XII to ensure that our children are educated and prepared to handle all exigencies which they will encounter as they accept the  NEW way of NORMAL LIFE.

The sessions highlight the positive changes across the globe and in our lives. The intent being to provide our children with strategies to maintain positive physical and mental well-being.