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30 / May / 2020

IS Salalah teachers attended CBSE Online Teacher Training Programme


To ensure the progress of a school, it is imperative to keep the teachers well – versed with the changing trends in education, and as a part of this endeavour, an Online Teacher Training Programme was conducted by the CBSE.

The three objectives of the CBSE Online Teacher Training Programme  were:

1. Enable teachers to teach better and lead improved learning outcomes.

2. Continuously instill new knowledge and skills as per the demand so as to keep them at par with what is expected.

3. Help teachers revise and refresh the knowledge that has already been provided to them in their regular training and make it more crisp and practical.


The Online Teacher Training classes comprised of several sessions on topics like Decoding Portfolios and Subject -Enrichment Activities, Differentiated Learning, Dealing with Misbehaviour in Class, Happy Classrooms, etc.


With an aim to augment their subject knowledge, teaching skills and learn new teaching techniques, the teachers of Indian School Salalah enthusiastically took part in these online sessions and also shared their experiences among the colleagues which in turn helped to enhance their Continuous Professional Development.

Overall, it was an empowering training programme for the teachers to polish their skills in teaching.