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03 / Sep / 2022




To showcase the talents of the craving young minds in the areas of Science, Technology and innovation, Indian School Darsait, under the aegis of the Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman hosted STAI 2022. The competitions were conducted in hybrid mode with few events online and rest offline. Mobile App Development, Code Wars, Science Skit and Science e-Magazine were conducted online and Digital Symposium, Science Exhibition and Mathematics Exhibition, were the conducted offline. Students of Indian School Salalah enthusiastically participated in all the events and received merit certificates. The results are as follows.

The team consisting of Aman Jahfar, Marshell Angelo Christopher and Savio Xavier of class XII secured A grade for Mobile App Development. The Code wars team secured A grade and the team members were Bavish Mangalore Manjunath, MD Neamur Rabbi and Savio Xavier of class XII. The team members of the Science Skit were Neeraj Nitha Raveendran Nair, Advaith Manoj, Sreedarsh Kaitheri Manikoth and Sreenanda Kaitheri Manikoth of class IX, Lekshmi Roj S, Mohnish Kumar Hemnani and Sadhya Garg of class XI and Pradnya Upadhyay of Class X and they secured B grade. Mohnish Kumar Hemnani, Neelesh Kumar Kataria and Fizza Basheer Njavarattil     of class XI received Participation Certificate for Science E magazine.

Muhammed Shamlal of class X, Mohnish Kumar Hemnani of class XI and Samved Shaji Nambiar of class XII secured A grade for Digital Symposium which was held on the inaugural day, that is, 27th August 2022. The team that represented for the Maths Exhibition was Niyathi Nambiar of class V, Dharsha Vigneswari Saravanan of class VII and Nuwaif Tauseef Ahmed Ansari of class VIII secured A+ grade. Anushka Onkar Naik of class IX and Aswin Venkata Subramanian of class X received Participation Certificate for Science exhibition. The Maths and Science exhibition was scheduled on 3rd September 2022 and the day marked the end of STAI 2022.

The students were appreciated by one and all for their wonderful achievements. This platform aided the curious hearts and the creative minds to explore their scientific, technical and computing skills.