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Famed Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birth anniversary on December 22 is celebrated as National Mathematics Day and Indian School Salalah celebrated the National Mathematics Day with great enthusiasm and vigour on Thursday, 20 December 2018 in the school auditorium. The celebration was graced by the presence of the Principal, Mr. T.R. Brown, Vice- Principals and Asst. Vice- Principals.
The commemoration began with the welcome address by Master Jatin Soni of Class 9 B. This was followed by a remarkable and enlightening power point presentation by Master Saketh  and Master Abhinav of Class 11. The presentation was on “The beauty of Mathematics in ancient and modern architecture”. The various genres of architecture like Greek, Egyptian, Islamic, Christian, Indian and Modern were elucidated in an intriguing and stimulating way. The concept of Golden Ratio was fascinating and riveting.
The celebration was made exciting with an array of competitions like Rubik’s Cube Competition, Maths Quiz and Puzzles and Chess Board Puzzle. The students of middle level to senior were competing for the top spot with their reflex action and quick solution to the questions. With an objective of creating awareness about the importance of Mathematics in day to day life situations and also to create an interest in the students to study Mathematics, a compelling and thought provoking skit was put up by the students of Class 7.
A gripping and engrossing session on Origami, the magic of turning a piece of paper into a toy or a pretty decoration was taken by Miss. JananiSrinivasan, Miss MuthuValliammai and Miss. Charisma Jonanthan of Class 9 G. The students then presented a card and their magnificent creation, paper peacock to the school administrators.
Principal Mr. T.R. Brown in his address congratulated the students and the teachers of the Department of Mathematics for putting up such a wonderful show which was meticulous and professional in all aspects. He also mentioned that this was one of the events that he looked forward to. He advised the students to develop an interest for Mathematics and to love it. Moreover, he insisted that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) can be learnt at the school level.  He was in all praise to the students who conducted the Origami session in such an impeccable manner. He concluded his emphatic speech with a hope to have the  Mathematic Wizard series of competitions.
Dr. S Srinivsan in his speech expressed his happiness in being a part of such a marvellous event. He advised the students to read the theories and researches of Ramanujan and develop an interest in Mathematics. The anecdotes that Dr. S. Srinivasan shared from the life of Ramanujan were interesting and captivating.
The spellbinding and engaging session came to end with the vote of thanks by Master Omiya of Class 9 B.