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Indian School Salalah organized a labour camp visit as a part of YCIS social service programme on 30th November, 2018. YCIS (Young Communitarians of Indian Schools) is a voluntary social service organization of students of Indian schools in Oman under the guidance of Board of Directors, Indian schools in Oman. Its main objective is to connect the school with the community and enhance learning through practical experiences. It also develops passion for selfless service among students.
The event witnessed the presence of Principal Mr.T.R.Brown, Dr.Nishthar and Mr.Manivannan, the members of School Management Committee, Vice Principal(administration) Dr.Srinivasan Vice Principal(academics) Dr.Shivaprasad Murugan, , staff and students of ISS.
Faculty co-ordinator N.B.Umesan, Student co-ordinators Miss.Samyuktha Venkatesan, Mast. Irfan K Nishthar, thirty students and teachers visited the Al Hilal Labour camp, Sanaiya to experience how workers live and to know about the sacrifices they have made for their families.
Principal Mr.T.R.Brown in his address remarked that the workers are happy in the midst of difficult and tough life situations. They are here sacrificing their life for the welfare of the family and their near and dear ones. Dr.Nishthar in his address mentioned the hardships faced by the parents and their unending struggle for the welfare of their children. He urged the students to work hard and to bring fame for their parents.
The inmates of the camp were happy and excited to interact with students and narrated about their hardships in life. The students donated cloth and food items collected by the member students to the inmates of the camp. The students also got an opportunity to visit the factory manufacturing Glass reinforced plastics vessels and tanks (GRP).
The students and teachers mesmerized the inmates of the camp with a melodious performance. The singers Mr. Hareesh K P, Mrs. Deepthi, Mast.Irfan. K. Nishtar and Miss. Samyuktha Venkatesan stole the hearts with their music programme which entertained the inmates of the camp.  
YCIS faculty Co-ordinator Mr. Umesan stated that it is a humble and benevolent initiative of YCIS to nurture the sense of social commitment among student community and to drive them to be empathetic to the needy segment of our society.