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The IAYP unit of Indian School Salalah conducted an In-house practice camp for three days from the 15th to17th of November. The camp was attended by a total of 86 children and 11 teachers. The excited campers reported at 4:30 pm in the school and were divided into various groups. An introductory session was conducted by the award Coordinator Mr. Unnikrishnan, where he enlightened the students on the main attributes of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, objectives of the award, various skills, service, physical recreation, and adventurous journey. 
An In-house session was organized by Mr. Binoy and Mr. Vipin Das on leadership and confidence building qualities for students to apply in the real world. The students were divided into teams based on their birth month and were asked to interact with their fellow teammates to find solutions to the tasks presented to them.
After a scrumptious dinner, the students were given an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents. Mr. Hareesh began the talent show with a classical Indian song followed by scintillating performances by the dancers, melodies songs and some magic tricks that left the audience spellbound. This session marked the end of the students’ first day well spent at camp.
The second day started at the crack of dawn with the student being ushered onto the school ground by Mr. Jishnu and Mr. Bupendar with a variety of physical activities and exercises to keep the students energized for the rest of the day. After breakfast, the students were given an opportunity to participate in the first ever Toast Master’s session held at the Indian School Salalah. Mrs. Renu Jethin gave out pointers on how to promote the habit of analytical speaking and to assist each other through constructive evaluation.
This session was then followed by an interactive session for boys by Dr.Saby on adolescence issues and solutions.  It was followed by a session on the preparation for an adventurous journey. They were instructed on planning for the journey, packing of the trekking bag, team building, navigation and preparation of the observation report. The students were then given instructions on setting SMART goals and completion of their Online Record Book.
As part of the ‘adventurous journey’ skill, which is one of the mandatory requirements for the award, the students began their trekking trip to the mountains of Ayn Gharziz at 3:00 pm. They were divided into 11 teams based on their level of award. The trek through the mountains filled them with an insight of the rich flora, fauna and the culture followed by the locals living in the area and how they rear their cattle. The 8 km trek led them to find a stream.
The next most awaited event for the students was the campfire. The bright orange flame integrated all the students as well as the teachers in keeping the fire going and filling the air with love, laughter, music and fun. The fire was put out marking the end of a fun yet tiring day.
The third day started with a yoga session by Dr.Sujith, Dr.Rawat and Dr. Triptha. She introduced the students to various asanas like Pranayama, Tadasana, Suryanamaskar, Shavasana, Bhujangasana and many other stretching exercises they could perform on a daily basis to increase their fitness, concentration and energy levels, making them active and energetic to get through the day. After the exercise, the campers lined up for breakfast and got ready to leave.
The three-day camp came to an end at 10:00 am, leaving the campers as well as the teachers with memories and experiences they would not forget. In an overall view, the campers were given a hands-on experience rather than textual learning through various activities.