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‘Nail-biting’, ‘Thrilling’ , ‘Galvanizing’ would be apt words to describe the triumphant  Victory of Indian School Salalah in finals of CBSE Cluster football tournament 2018, under 19, played on the lush green football ground of IS Salalah.

The final match of the CBSE Oman Cluster Football Tournament 2018, was played between Indian School Salalah , the host team and Indian School Wadi Kabir in the under 19 category. Indian School Salalah won the final with the score of 2-0. In the under 17 category, the finals were between Indian School Wadi Kabir and Indian School Muscat in which Indian School Muscat proved to be champions by winning the penalty shootouts. All the finalists exhibited great football skills and  good  sportsmanship.
The closing ceremony was held in a grand manner in the ISS playground with Dr. Abubacker Siddique, Chairman – Sports Sub-committee and Member SMC ISS, formally welcoming the gathering. Among the dignitaries, the members of management committee – Indian Social Club, Convenors and members of various linguistic wings of Indian Social Club, former presidents and vice presidents of Indian School Salalah had graced the occasion with their presence.  

The chief guest for the function was Eng. Hisham Mohammad Al Marhoon- CEO Axis Engineering Consultant And Free Design Group and Technical Advisor to Al Ethihad Club, Salalah  and the Guest of Honour was Dr. Biju T. Sayed , Former Vice President SMC IS Salalah who received a warm welcome with a bouquet of flowers.

Dr. Syed Ahsan Jamil, Acting President of the School Management Committee and Mr T R Brown, the Principal of Indian School Salalah, gave away   mementos to the chief guest and the guest of Honour, as  a token of love and affection.

Mr. Ishwar Deshmukh- HOD Physical Education Dept, IS Salalah,  presented a  brief report on the CBSE Cluster- level Football Tournament 2018  held  on October 21 and 22 in the ISS campus.

Master Azeem of Indian School Wadi Kabir was declared the best player of the tournament in the under 17 category who had scored 5 goals in the tournament. Master Gaurav from Indian School Muscat was adjudged as the best Goal Keeper of the tournament in under 17 category.  The proud winner of the Fair Play award in the under 17, was bagged by Indian School Sur.

In under 19 category, Master Amin El Khedz from Indian School Salalah was declared as the Best Player who made his team proud by scoring 4 goals in the tournament. Master Zayid Ziyan again from Indian School Salalah won the Best Goal keeper award in under 19 category. Indian School Mulada received Fair Play Award.

As a goodwill gesture Mr. Ziaul Haq Laari, a generous parent gifted 101 OMR to the winning team – Indian School Salalah. To appreciate the hard work and true sportsmanship spirit, the goal keeper- Master Zayid Ziyan, who played a key role in the victory of Indian School Salalah was awarded OMR 51 by Mr Suresh Babu, former convener of the SMC.

Indian School Salalah, the Champions of CBSE Oman Cluster Football Tournament 2018, received the championship trophy for under 19 category among the loudest of applause and cheers followed by Indian School Muscat winning the championship trophy in under 17 category Indian School Wadi Kabir bagged the runners up trophy in both the under 17and 19 categories.

Mr. Parvinder Singh physical education teacher, proposed the Vote of Thanks , thanking all the  teams for their glorious performance. Among the cheers and Hipp Hipp Hurray’s the two days’ CBSE cluster Football tournament 2018 was concluded.