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Indian School Salalah celebrated the United Nations Day on 29th October 2019, in the school auditorium . Class IX students hosted the event to commemorate the 74th anniversary. The event was graced by the school Principal Mr Deepak Patankar, Department Heads and teachers of the school.

On this momentous day, Social Science department brought together the students of IX to represent the members of UNO. To celebrate the day the students performed a mock parliament  session of the United Nations Assembly. Mast. Samvad Shaji  and Mast. Noel John were the President and the Secretary General respectively.

Miss Isrra Mohi welcomed the gathering. The programme commenced with opening address by the President Mast. Samvad Shaji, who placed the agenda of the day- ‘India’s Right to Revoke Article 370’.

As per the United Nations Charter the opening sessions are addressed by the Secretary General, so the President invited Secretary General to address the session. The Secretary General Mast. Noel John in his address mentioned that recently the government of India revoked Article 370 from their constitution which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. This had been a subject of dispute between India and Pakistan from the time of their formation. The Secretary General requested both the countries to refrain from taking steps which affects the human rights of the people. To explicit Article 370, a visual media was also shown.

Student delegates representing countries debated their views on this issue. Each delegate spoke in his\her own language. The English version of the address was displayed on the screen. After the discussion the agenda of the day was put forward in the Assembly for voting. The majority of the countries supported India in revoking the Article 370, as it is an internal matter and hence the agenda was approved.

The Principal Mr Deepak Patankar in his address appreciated the students and the teachers of Social Science department for conducting such a wonderful event. He also opined such an event should be conducted as a full day programme

The vote of thanks was proposed by Georgia Rose George.