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In our school, the scouting creates a bond of brotherhood and solidarity. It is a positive step towards the right direction for national integration. It is in this context the role of Scout movement becomes relevant and meaningful in creating a united progressive and harmonious society.

The Scout & Guides unit in our school surmounts all racial, religious, cultural barriers and brings together in comradeship and brother hood of all young people to whatever country, religion, race or language they may belong and educating them to live in amity and harmony which in turn works towards the universal brotherhood, peace and unity.

Scout movement was started in ISS in 1992 and it has been a successful progress till date with a lot of activities, camps and awards. In 1997, a Scout Patrol leader training camp was organized. The proud moment happened in 2002, when seven scouts and eight guides were given ‘Rajya Pushkhar” award after they passed the required examination. In 2003 the first "Rastrapathi Award Scout" award camp was held and 6 of our scouts were the first to achieve this award in the Sultanate of Oman.

During 2002 - 2003 Scout Jamboree - 6 scouts and 1 guide along with the scouts in charge Mrs. Ponni Baskar, attended the 20th world scout Jamboree held at Bangkok. The Scouts and guides learnt and experienced the friendship and brotherhood by interacting with other S & G from all parts of the world. There were 143 countries participating in the Jamboree. The theme was "Share our world & share our culture” and our students enjoyed sharing and learning.

From the time of inception, the scouts and guides wing has been participating and helping in all the programmes of our school. The students actively take part in all the hiking and camps with a lot of enthusiasm.

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